Brand story

The Utrecht-based Sem -16 years old- started in 2019 the clothing brand Infinity Benelux. 

''I don't like to brag or talk bigger than we actually are. As a young entrepreneur I am busy every day to make my brand bigger. My goal is to have a Dutch well-known clothing brand before I turn 18.''

Infinity Benelux is a brand for the youth, by the youth. We sell clothing to our own target group and age, that is our strength. We are the target group ourselves, and can therefore also play on the market with cool designs. We know what people like and what is hot or is going to be hot.

We want to let people feel comfortable in wearing simple, but luxury clothing. The clothing we sell can change people their feeling to feel more comfortable. We want to help you get that feeling. We diverse you. 

The Infinity Benelux Team